Essential Things To Remember On Your Wedding

Your wedding day is special, as comes once in your life; most people work to create the best memories for their guests and loved ones. Therefore, you should remember the essential things that can make your wedding a success. There are many things like the photographer, custom tailored suits for the groom and his men, the receptions, the bride's gown, the bride's maid dresses, among many other things. Therefore, if you plan to do a wedding, you should start by researching what to do and what to avoid, especially on the wedding day. Here are some of the essential things you should always keep in mind on the wedding day:

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Pad your shoes

You might be wondering how you should pad the shoes; it is simple; you only need to insert comfy soles on the shoes. Most people forget this; however, it is the first thing you should do on the day, even if you have the most comfortable shoes in the world; pad them because you will have a long day or rather you will be spending the whole day with the shoes on. Moreover, you should normalize wearing them before the wedding day to ensure that they get used to your feet, and on the day of your wedding, you will not have to struggle to get comfortable with what you are wearing. Remember, you must dance, and for you to dance well, you should have comfortable shoes.


An essential thing that should be given all attention is the clothing to be worn at the wedding. Ensure that you get the dress on time; if the groom had ordered the custom tailored suits they should follow up on time to ensure they are ready and nothing is delayed in the process. The bride should choose their gown days before the day of wedding and be sure that they want that and are comfortable with what they will be wearing. This goes all the way to everyone who will be part of the groom's men and the bride's maid; they should ensure their outfits are ready.

Plan to run zero errands

The day is unique, and you should set everything aside to commit yourself for the day; if you happen to have any errands, you should plan for them to be on the other week because the day before and after the wedding is permanently fixed. This means you should choose the best planner to help you get through every small things that might be worrying you. 

Assign the bridesmaid and grooms men for fixing

Lastly, you need to have a fixer; this is not a task you can give anyone, ensure that you assign the bridesmaid to fix anything for the bride and the groomsmen to fix the groom. They should ensure that the bride's dress is perfect in every aspect even after the designer has worked with her and the custom tailored suits of the groom and their fellow are pert. It is advisable to assign these people the task for they know exactly what you love and how you like it done, so where they note a small problem, they will immediately work on it and make sure you are perfect.